…So THAT’S what chicken is supposed to taste like!

“I’ve been wanting to try this place for about a year now. But every time I think about stopping by, it’s a weekend… or after hours… etc. So, a few weeks ago, I got a citydeals half price deal and I jumped on it. I picked up my 15lbs of all natural chicken a couple days ago and OH MY! So THAT’S what chicken is supposed to taste like! It’s plump and super juicy and oh so delicious. [We] noticed that it was missing that “weird aftertaste” that our chicken usually has. This was by far the best chicken we’ve ever cooked at home. I can’t wait to sample their steaks and other items… rabbit? Maybe. I’ll decide.”

Charles S. Salt Lake City, UT

…melt-in-your-mouth awesome

“I was compelled to review this little meat shop after purchasing a money saving coupon which provided several pounds of their fresh chicken breasts. Let me say this is the best quality chicken I’ve purchased. First of all, it had the sensory properties of being fresh. Fresh chicken is not yellow (or heaven forbid, orangey) in color, it’s blush-white and has no odor at all. If cooked properly – and I do that – it’s juicy and tender and flavorful! This chicken didn’t even need a marinade, or tons of salt. It was fabulous! I had enough meat to prepare it via several different methods, and was not disappointed in any of them. (One of the best dishes was a Chicken Stroganoff…of course I can’t divulge the formula, but this chicken positively made the whole recipe!) I went back one other time to purchase a small plethora of various other meats – they specialize in beef, by the way, of which I don’t prepare a lot. However, I had them cut a fresh 3-lb chuck roast, which turned out to be melt-in-your-mouth awesome! Of course, I proudly accepted the cooking credit, but really it was the quality of the meat that made it so good. Their pricing is better than, say, Snider’s, in my opinion. Especially if you look around for an occasional “deal in the city” – they participate occasionally in order to market their business, which, although they are on Main Street, is so tucked away I would have never known it was there. Good call, MSQM! Meat…mmm mmm good.”

Jean W. Riverton, UT

…huge patties that didn’t shrink much and tasted great!

“I did a cook out for all the guys at my shop and came here to get the meat. I didn’t know much about this place other than driving by a bunch of times and noticed that it’s open to the public. I got a huge case of hamburger patties and another big case of all beef hot dogs for $50. It was enough for all 60 people to have a burger and dog for less than a dollar a piece! Being the inquisitive type I was looking at all the delivery tickets they had laid out on the counter while they pulled my order and noticed they were all going to [one of the local fast food chains] all across the valley. I was excited to see how they turned out. So we cooked them all up, huge patties that didn’t shrink much and tasted great! I’m not really a big hot dog fan but the dogs were excellent too.”

Rich L. Salt Lake City, UT

…The prices were great.

“I stopped by earlier today to pick up a 15 lb bag of chicken breasts. The gentleman that helped me was so nice. Everyone that walked by said “hello.” The prices were great. I had my 4 year old son with me and everyone was so nice to him as well. I wanted to say thank you for being such a great, local company. I will always buy my meat from you! Also, I will keep spreading the word about all the wonderful, high quality products here.”

Ashley A. Salt Lake City, UT